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Classic Metals from Chemetal

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Classic Metals are Chemetal's most popular designs - with good reason– we have the largest collection of these HPL and solid metals that you'll find anywhere. Think stainless appliance look with 40 design choices. Aluminum. Stainless. Brass. Copper. And more.

These materials are design work horses, ideal for inlays, cut-to-size, strips, and anywhere you want the modern, luxurious and energetic look of real metal. They're available as HPL with a laminate backer for install ease or as solid anodized aluminum, ideal for bending and clean edges. Classic Metals are available in 3 Series, each with advantages specific to your use and budget:

700 Series
HPL Metals, a metal foil on a laminate backer. European quality. Lightweight, easy to apply. Budget options.

800 Series
Chrome-plated brass, solid brass, copper and bronze designs. Deep, rich, and luxurious metals.

900 Series
All anodized aluminum, made in USA, durable, price competitive with bending capabilities and the ability to create clean edges with no laminate seam.

Metal Classics from Chemetal

Metal Classics from Chemetal

Classic Metals

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